Value assessment

You want to buy a yacht, power or sail, or want to sell your ship? Well, that's the moment when you'll have to ask where you might possibly get the actual current market value for your ship from!
The yacht market itself with it's numerous ship types, models and various equipment is very complex and it will not be easy for you to get any information about an exact value.
On the basis of our experience of many years and the know-how specially on the yacht sector, we will be happy to relieve you from that difficult task by assessing the ships price.

It is the utmost importance to know the purpose of the value assessment. If it has to comply with the requirements of

  • yacht agents
  • insurers
  • authorities
  • banks
  • courts

This means something different to the expectations of a private buyer. In any single case we will produce acknoledged assessments meeting the conditions of recognised authorities such as the Chamber of Commerce and the Institute of Experts etc.