Quality assurance

The bigger the yachts, the more complex will be the dependence between the construction, furniture and the different technical systems.

Glanzgradmessung an einer Superyacht
Measurement of the gloss level on a super yacht.

We can advise you in all matters regarding the coordination of all different areas in your project. FRANZIUS & CO emphasizes the quality assurance, which at the end defines the quality which will rule the real market value.

As a pioneer, this official surveyor recognized the potential of Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and since then, he has promoted the application of innovative technologies in the yacht industry.

Already since 1997, he has been successful with the help of ultrasound in boat inspections. In 2008, as the absolute pioneer in the industry, he brings CAT-NDT (Computer Analyzed Thermography), a new technology in the yacht sector, which will bring very interesting advantages to owners, insurance companies and shipyards from the technical but also from the economic point of view.