Safeguard of evidence and supervision of reparations

Not always the quality of reparation meets the expectations, and often you notice it after years.

Therefore, quality assurance in yacht construction with the help of innovative analytic methods becomes of high importance.

Bild 1,2,3: Sandwichlaminat löste sich bei ruhiger See vom Schaumkern. Die Ursache konnte qualifiziert durch Untersuchung festgestellt werden
Figure 1,2,3: “sandwich” laminate peeled away from the foam core in calm waters. Reason for this only could be determined after investigations.

We advise you not only in big, visible problems, but also in tiny difficulties (often the devil is hidden in the details), we kindly support you with our knowledge of the matter, documenting objectively and independently the as-is state, e.g. safeguarding the evidence.

Hochsensible Messtechnik im Einsatz
Application of the high-sensibility measuring technique.

By means of the high-sensibility measuring technique and analysis tools in the yacht building, we can detect earlier facts, which are not visible to the eye, and then document them and, as necessary, reconstruct them in cooperation with recognized public institutions.

Delamination wurde zunächst zerstörungsfrei per Ultraschall festgestellt und das Reparatur-Engineering gezielt vorgenommen
A delamination was found by means of ultrasound
and after the reparation was controlled again.

In this way, you obtain an objective first opinion for your further negotiations, in which we also help you with our knowledge, even in the direction and supervision of the necessary reparations.