As from June 16th 1998 each new recreational water craft from 2,5 to 24,0 meters in length as well as it's system components mustr meet the requirements of the the CE-certification.
As authorised CE-inspector of the I M C I we carry out all works which will be necessary to obtain the specific "CE"-mark

The International Marine Certification Institut in Brussels, Belgium, was established by national and international federations of boat manufacturers as an independent certifikation organisation to certify the compliance with CE-standards for recreational ships. The European Commission herewith admitted the I M C I as a notified body among the shipbuilders

As an authorised institution the I M C I is able to provide boats and yachts with the "CE"-mark. This certification supplied by I M C I allows shipyards direct access to the 16 countries European Union market.

The way to the CE-mark


Oliver Franzius


Your advantages:

  • qualified knowledge of the shipbuilding sector
  • clear transaction
  • low costs through structure as a non-profit-organisation
  • transparency throughout certification process
  • direct contact to certification inspector
  • competent partner for all practical issues