Avarage assessment, Claims und Surveys

As experts we work for well known important Insurance Companies and Insurance Agents as well as for private clients in and outside of Germany basically in the Sector which is classically the loss assessment and the damage diagnosis. Check on loss and elaborate a report is something, most experts know how to do it. We -on the other hand - can fall back on practical experience of many years, acquired in boat- and shipbuilding, together with profound know-how of claim settlement, the way the insurers use to handle this issue. Our acquired experiences give us a quick access to register the complex coherence of each case.

Unforseeable events lead frequently to horrible damage. So it is very important to be able to provide with practical knowledge from the building of yachts and insurance for an appropriate damage limitation. Here often unpleasant follw-up damage can be avoided.

During the first contact with the client, one of the most important things for a meaningful service is to diagnose facts as early as possible and to document them with a convenient accuray.

We are particulary interested to promote a smooth transaction between owner, insurers and shipyards.